One of Gallery 360's avatar's is called G 360@School.This is an excellent way of introducing the public/ community to art since information and education is the key to public support for art.

We take groups of students from local schools to the Trivandrum Art Gallery/ Napier Museum and give them specially created worksheets and send them out on their own or with their teachers to collect the answers from the exhibits. I have found that this method works 100 times better than just guiding them through the gallery or museum. This approach to visiting a Gallery is challenging and a lot of fun for both students and grown-ups.


In February 2010, 100, class 4 students from a private school visited the Gallery on this scheme. The Principal has now invited me to take the entire school from class 1 to 10, in small groups over the next academic year. The worksheets I prepare are age appropriate.

On 16th April 2010 ,50 boys and girls from 8th to the 12th class visited the Gallery. They were children from poor families living in a suburb of Trivandrum called Manacaud. The feedback was tremendous both from the students and the teachers. Many of the teachers promised to come back to the Gallery with their family members.

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