Watch a film and you wonder - What was the inspiration? What is it's relevance? What was the filmmaker on ??? Ask these questions out loud.

    360 Outdoors is a program designed to shorten the distance between the artist and his audience. We screen films that have been handpicked for their artistic innovation and brilliance. This is followed by an interactive session with the artist. We are catering to a small but informed and interested audience and the idea is to create a space where one can question, analyse and appreciate quality art spanning genres.

    Watch video art, animation shorts, documentaries and short films out of the theater in a car park. No this is not a drive in experience, just 40 minutes of viewing on your feet and then stay back for an intellectual or an inane conversation with like minded people over some great food. Please join us at Flavours Restaurant , Vazhuthycadu at 7:30 pm, first Saturday of the month.

Elemental Colours of heart
Picture Perfect
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