The show is Currated by Art Historian, Latha Kurien Rajeev. The theme of the exhibition is SITA. The theme does not rest complacently or romantically on the mythology of Sita. The plight of Sita is also the plight of our planet. Sita is as patient as the earth but unwilling to put up with the unfair treatment she is forced to suffer. Sita is interpreted as a silent rebel under her perfect characterization. A strong and willful woman capable of making her own decisions. She is also the daughter of mother earth( bhoomiputri) and there by associated with Gaia the earth spirit. She is traditional as well as contemporary so are the artists who paint her .They come from a traditional lineage of painting but the style they have each derived is engendered by their contemporanity.
The attempt is to reinterpret a traditional art form into a new, understandable and modern creative expression. We are proud to present 9 mural artistes trained in the rich traditional style of Kerala Murals and now expressing individually their own interpretation of a deeply embedded Indian cultural icon, Sita, in a uniquely curated exhibition of paintings on canvas. These artists are sought after by a large following of collectors and art lovers in India and abroad. This is their first group show and it is a rare occasion to see in one room a collection so diverse in creative style but connected by a single theme. These paintings have been created exclusively for this theme and will never be reproduced again. This exhibition is one of a kind and a launch pad for still more select /exclusive group and solo shows from Gallery 360.


Kerala has an ancient tradition of mural painting which was almost lost to us until the visionary zeal of Sri Mammyiyur Krishnan Kutty Nair breathed new life into this dying art .He brought murals out of temples and palaces and took them directly to the public through the training that he gave his students at the Guruvayoor Mural Institiute. His novel idea to transfer mural paintings from walls and transplant them onto asbestos sheets helped to retain the original technique and aided in the revival of this style.


The Mammyiyur Krishnan Kutty Nair Trust was set up in 2005, by students belonging to the first batch that passed out from the Guruvayoor Mural Institute. In homage to their guru, these nine artists banded together after 16 years of search and self discovery, in the hope that they could keep alive the priceless national treasure which was handed down to them by their Guru. They have opted to become career artists as well as teachers in leading art institutions and smaller art groups where they hope to pass on the skill their teacher generously transferred to them. This is their first group show.
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