A STATE OF BEING by Smitha Menon 19th OCT 2011 - 19th NOV 2011

“Art, for me, is something that soothes the eyes and I don’t want to interpret art for others,” Smitha Menon, who goes by the artistic name ‘Tina’, says with conviction and clarity. Living away from India, Smitha has found her inspiration from the land of her origin, its vast variety of mythology, folklore, narratives and above all, from the ever alluring traditions of visual representations. Smitha, while being convinced about her religious detachment, does not hide her inclination towards spiritualism; the kind of spiritualism that only an artist could live and impart. Her works, a series of paintings in acrylic on canvas, prove her point. These paintings capture the attention and imagination of a viewer mainly because they are varied in themes, stylized in representation, sensuous, humorous and intriguingly simple.” – JohnyML

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